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Founded in April 2002, Cross River Partners is a long-short domestic private equity hedge fund. The primary objective of Cross River Partners is to achieve superior long-term absolute returns. The Fund focuses on micro-capitalization companies that are under valued in relation to their cash flows or asset value. The fund’s concentrated long portfolio leads to a “private equity in the public markets” approach in which the fund initiates few investments each year, and focuses on realized gains in those investments.

The key to the fund’s investment discipline is the rigorous, bottom-up research conducted to identify investment opportunities. Positions are initiated with a long term investment horizon after extensive analysis of company fundamentals, capital structure, industry trends, and management. The fund views risk as the permanent loss of capital. For this reason, the fund’s primary risk control is the concentrated nature of its long portfolio, in which the fund invests in only its best ideas. Each investment is carefully screened for downside exposure along with upside potential, and the small size of the companies in the long portfolio often lead them to have little or negative market correlation. To further mitigate risk and often to hedge specific factors in long positions, the fund holds a diversified short portfolio that includes both stocks and options. The funds key performance metrics are annualized returns and realized gain by position.

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